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In " The journey to the west ", there is a " Pandora's box " which is like time machine. In African tribes, the containers are made for keeping the important stuff. They are usually unique and full of details. Their beautiful appearance seems like they have the same magical power as the " Pandora's box “.

For a long time, people believe that the technology in Africa is too backward to produce the daily necessaries by themselves. This perspective cannot represent the Africans' past but only some modern African countries. In fact, African people are good at handcraft, the first known pottery in the world is made by them.

There is an African proverb, " Africans are born with burin ". It means they have talent for carving. The utensils are not only their daily necessaries but also symbolize their social status. Their typical carving method is " One Piece " , it means their masks, containers or stools are made by one piece of wood. This kind of procedure increases the difficulty of carving. Every production of containers is related to their daily life.

Through these exquisite containers we can see the distinctive culture and aesthetic between each tribes.