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Mali is a ancient civilizations in West Africa, it was also a first unified black kingdom of history. Dogon iron sculpture is not only very important but also representative in tribal art. Tribal people revere natural world, the blacksmith has the ability to manipulate fire, but also a symbol of wisdom, so blacksmith has lofty social status. They even remove the work from the field, take iron products in exchange for crops.

They make carved statue of the people, animals or abstract image. Rather they represent ideas or constructs to serve a social purpose - protect people from disease, drought, starvation and malevolence people, these artworks were based on simple straight line and greatly simplified, or omitted altogether, so bring unlimited imagination. Using of a very simple lines, showing natural nature charm. 

Lines" in addition to being an essential element in the shape of a drawingexpress from objective to subjective, even it appears directly by essence and simple conception. It's interesting to explore the meaning behind and conversion process and development. For Alberto Giacometti /1901-1966, master of Arts in Switzerland, his artworks were affected by African tribes and Oceania Art. And influence his art concept. Before. Showing figure sculpture the famous for small, thin as matchsticks. He said :" Why do people paint and sculpture ? that is a kind of need from control of things, the only way to manage is realizing completely." His sculptures, paintings and drawings, all from his unique perspective on the characters. Works should be an re-creation with almost exists style in reality.

After tried to make the abstract concept in 1930s, he progressively focus on how to characterize the true concept on sculpture. For Alberto Giacometti, artworks should be 
"...the object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity." ~ Alberto Giacometti

The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of the country of Mali, iron sculptures in Dogon Mali express cold, minimalism, modern lines, the shape is not only simple but also pure, it is transition from concrete to abstract.
Such as horse rider of dogon, bamana in Mali were made by metal materials. And the lines of people figure and horse are showed a slender, the shape is very abstract, sculptors are good at using a simplified form, and takes the basic structure of the body and form to create a new kind of visual experience, perfectly show tension of works and add more detail to works. 
These image works will simplify their extra elements to an extreme, The pursuit of the highest level to the soul, for us, works are not only a image but also a spirit .