『Someone in cave 』 44 Gallery x Lai Wei-Yu x Jayson Cyh
Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When Tribal art meets Contemporary art.

Duration: 2015 12/26 - 2016 1/9

Opening Hours: Sun. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan
Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When Tribal art meets Contemporary art
『 Someone in cave 』
44 Gallery x Lai Wei-Yu x Jayson Cyh

In 20 century, the great masters such as Picasso, Brancusi, Matisse... had a different kind of characteristic in their creations due to the inspiration of tribal art.

First time creating work to performance in dark 44 gallery,,In 15 days, Artist wearing a searchlight in a cave-like making of all possible .... artists Lai Wei-Yu and Jayson Cyh,with their unique creative style
Two creative features are Straightforward humor and rich color for performance.
This cooperation exhibition, the "cave" as the theme that inspiration is not only from primitive environment in African tribal but also from the most ancient Paleolithic cave art so far. - The cave painting of Altamira is in northern Spain, a long time ago human beings in order to protect themselves, while living in a cave, getting the natural mineral pigments to paint on the stone walls, the depicted subject primarily based on cattle, horses, deer and other animal...,

Minimalist lines represent natural and simple style, this is the first artistic creation, called "cave art." Both of artists will create things with limitless, we expect what kind of perspective will Lai Wei-Yu and CYH Jayson think about tribal art and it will give him what kind of different inspiration in this collaboration, hopes to find out the potentiality of each other with two different art area—contemporary art and tribal art .

Lai Wei-Yu
As human beings we all need a place to stay , it becomes a luxury in this Inexplicable era.
But very fortunately, this time 44gallery becomes cave for Jason and I !
Jason and I will stay in a small cave of the big city, I don't know what the traces we will leave in here, and what the traces will be marked on each other, even find what the new traces, it is so exciting~~
Find self-existence it is an enlightenment by these traces, in this time what is different from the past, how do you position yourself ?
Let's continue to look~~

Jayson Cyh
In the beginning, I heard that we will create things in a dark space, 
and I thought it's an absurd idea..., but then I think again, actually people in real life such it absurd contradiction and unreasonable.

In a light, modern interior space,
Deliberately turn the lights off and make the concept of the original natural cave
Perhaps human does it everyday
Challenge the laws of nature in everywhere
The environment and world we now live in 
Fake material of the artificial, against nature is everywhere
People take advanced technology to challenge , destroy many the laws of nature
But in a modern artificial space
I wanted to create a natural pristine environment

This exhibition let me feel
After Modern challenges and wantonly destroy the natural environment, 
then they realize the importance of returning to nature

44 Gallery 
Established in 2007, 44 Gallery dedicates to popularize the tribal art and tries to find the connections with the contemporary art by different kinds of topics.
Tribal Art is not common in Asia, but it has developed over hundred years in Europe and America. 
Inspired by the exhibition《PARKETT–220 ARTISTS EDITIONS & COLLABORATIONS SINCE1984 》which is organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 44 Gallery starts to think over the chance of cooperating with artists.