29 Tempting Heart Exhibition of exchange project achievements
Duration: 2017.11.18(Sat.) - 2017.12.02(Sat.)
Opening Hours: Mon. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan

"The Exchange of Looking for 39 Tempting Heart " Exhibition   

Thanks for every participants, there are 29 works exchange successfully, we're glad you like this Special Program.


Exhibition of achievements hopes to show different visual experience. From this exchange process, the participants exchanged tribal artworks through various forms, For example: Different media works such as painting, sculpture, photography and the chair with leather and cast iron for exchange etc..., you can find interesting thing is that spirit of exchange is not only used to measure money value, but it can be used in different forms, feeling that intangible the value of intrinsic with recognition, respect and emotional to return the primitive barter.


 Adam Smith(1723-1790) argued, people would trade seven chickens for a goat, or a bag of grain for a pair of sandals. In Exhibition of EXCHANGE, for 44gallery, exchange is looking for the goods we like. With visual match as foremost ,the exhibition will match exchanged works and tribal art works to show another possible of vision. The goods has value on itself because we like this goods, If we didn't like this goods, no matter how expensive it is, the value just on its owner...


44gallery dedicates to tribal art, we are glad that there are more people who know tribal art because of this "The Exchange of Looking for 39 Tempting Heart " Exhibition , and these tribal artworks could be exchanged to the people who really love it. Hope these tribal artworks can make their life a little different feeling and inspiration.