『 S E A T S - 人 土 人 』 Abstract-Tribal Stool Exhibition
Duration: 2013.8.03(Sat.) - 2013.9.07(Sat.)
Opening Hours: Sun. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan
For tribe stool to Speaking has divided into abstraction and
symbolism. Different tribes have their customary inheritance modeling
context. Generally speaking, the symbolic stool is nothing but hoped
from animal or other image to obtain the same strength and
expectations . Abstraction of stool is intuitive modeling demonstrated
for aesthetic response.

Humanity in order to perform the aesthetic, beliefs, status, and
symbolism, and a variety of artistic creation , because of the
environment to produce a different fitness lifestyle. Stool is the
carrier of traditional African culture, The African style furnishings
are derived from the basic nature, these inspiration comes from
animals, trees and soil. According to historical records, most of the
African tribes and cultures have always believed that the real power
comes from the human trees, rivers, powerful animals, stones and soil.

Many tribal cultures in Africa, stool is extremely private objects.
Therefore, everyone depend on their stools to treasure. Stool also
become their power and a symbol of social status for the life. In some
tribes, only the tribal leaders, worship, witch doctors, dignitaries
and other people can have their own bench. What is more in the pursuit
of back to nature, respect for nature today, many modern furniture
integration and African elements in it, seeking a balance in the
conflict, natural atmosphere exudes simplicity, integration with the
user's life . Natural colors and textures strong , it make the room
full of leisurely, relaxed, serene natural atmosphere.

The cartoonist Jimmy said: Chair is everyone's position, in the
society of the location, each chair represents the position of a
person in the world, and a chair can often react beings megapixel.
This is something we can from the ancient Chinese chairs can be
clearly seen , furniture and even etiquette and grade birthright
symbol. First, China's level is higher than the chair stool, the next
backrest chairs rank higher than the armchair, the backrest chairs is
used exclusively for the emperor, symbolizing the supreme ruler,
unique power and status.

For chairs, reflect social status are not comfort, has long time
occupied the people concept. Galen Cranz in his writings ( The Chair)
outlined the history of the chair, he mentioned, quite a long time,
Explore the world , chairs and to sit the chairs has become a symbol.
no matter East and West, though the meaning of the chairs are
different, but have the same expressed their status and identity .
Africa generally seat height about between in 8-30 cm, compared lower
the current chairs height about 40-50 cm. This seat height and widely
correspond with in Africa squatting posture, which coincides reflects
their life and work on the ground of the natural portrayal.

As a stool, to mention the Africa seat from realistic, figurative to
semi-figurative, abstract expression, skillfully transform and use
many forms. Stools with simple and clear appearance, rigid coexist.
Timber preserves the original scar end, residual edges and cracks in
the treatment before they are coloring, so the original wood surface
texture obviously, and make the simple texture adds original rustic
features of beauty. In addition, the cross shape from Ethiopia symbols
seat back in the fourth century AD that is acceptable Christian
baptism is a Christian with a long and rich tradition of the country.
Classic cross shape, not only to highlight its past history, but also
express abstract and sacred religious meaning. Dogon people of Mali to
get the stools face as top, stools bottom as ground, and stools
surface and the bottom bracket like a sign between trees, connecting
top and ground. African tribes, they put their own natural resources
and imagination combine to create unique works of raw power.

In 1995 of the summer, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen visited an exhibition
on African culture, accidentally discovered a few from the Congo and
the Ivory Coast aboriginal seats, In addition to the decorative
carving patterns, and he also found that the simple wood bending
technology, Back in the workroom, immediately to the entire piece
rectangular cardboard, designed with secondary angle turning three
chairs facing the prototype, but searching out around the Danish
furniture manufacturers, but no one wants to produce, because it was
bent wood technology is still not complete such a complex of
large-angle, however, the Danish royal for imperial use Furniture
Brands FREDERICIA finally being moved by the sincerity of Hans
Sandgren Jakobsen, after numerous tests, and finally in 1998 to ten
piece 0.8mm thin, 53 × 125 cm, glued wood panels and material tension
and bentwood technology to its limits, then complete this sheet is
named Gallery, and a launch will include the world's major design
awards amazing works.