『 MAKE IT UP AS WE GO ALONG 』 44 Gallery x Su hsiu - hsien
Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When Tribal art meets Contemporary art.

Duration: 2014 6/7 - 2014 7/19
Opening Reception: 2014/06/07 Sat. 3pm
Opening Hours: Sun. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan
In 20 century, the great masters such as Picasso, Brancusi, Matisse... had a different kind of characteristic in their creations due to the inspiration of tribal art.
In 2014, what kind of inspiration will the contemporary artist Su hsiu - hsien discover from Tribal art?
Duration 2014.6.7 – 2014.7.20
Opening 2014.6.7 Sat. 3pm (Opening Reception)

Su hsiu - hsien was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He studied in Taiwan University of Art and has Master’s degree of Fine art of Tunghai University . He is good at photography, Installation art and painting therefore his creations always explores deeply in every issue. He is not only doing art but also showing the symbolic action to express the comprehension of human life. 
His creations are impressive by the combination of different concept and materials.

In 2008, he created a painting series ,<Dream Paradise>. In this series he depicted traveling photo album and made to express the strong history mark, implied the artist’s exploration beyond painting. 
In 2011, he tried to create his painting on architectures. His painting series <Orange plan> made an ancient house in Guiyang street revive again, the orange color reminded the audiences of their homes in memory. This plan is related to the Urban Planning, find out the variation between human being and environment. The same year, he was invited to the JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture to have his solo exhibition as the last exhibition of “ Urban Core ”.

In 2014, the collaboration with 44 Gallery , < Make it up as we go along > is a brand-new art form conversation.
The inspiration derives from the utilization of art in African tribes. The primitive tribal art not only reflects the awe to mother nature but also represents their lifestyle and religion. African totem, masks and sculptures create a faith system, the purpose is to solve daily life questions . Their art is applied to life, such as wearing the masks during the rites or the totems on the daily utensils. They are not only adornments but also the symbol of hope and courage.
The animal image like bird, dog, crocodile… and plant totem are given sacred power and symbol. These totems are regarded as the mental attribution. It brings Su hsiu – hsien unlimited inspiration and consequently he used “ animal essence ” as the main idea in this exhibition, creating many kind of animal characters. He only used black and white in his painting, represents the original essence and purity, it’s much more simple and pure.
For the artist, every animal character stands for the expectation of life and symbolize the essence and appearance of each individual .

44 Gallery
Established in 2007, 44 Gallery dedicates to popularize the tribal art and tries to find the connections with the contemporary art by different kinds of topics.
Tribal Art is not common in Asia, but it has developed over hundred years in Europe and America.
Inspired by the exhibition《PARKETT–220 ARTISTS EDITIONS & COLLABORATIONS SINCE1984 》which is organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 44 Gallery starts 
to think over the chance of cooperating with artists.
The main subject of this collaboration is to show the unlike creation methods by Su hsiu – hsien and African tribal art, like this motif “ MAKE IT UP AS WE GO ALONG “ .
Through varied attempt and effort to expect more possibilities.