『 SYMBOLISM - Animal Seats 』
Duration: 2014.8.01(Fri.) - 2014.10.04(Sat.)
Opening Hours: Sun. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan
A dream between time and nature....

Sitting on a predictive bird chair, via its instinctive ability we could not only see through the past but also predict the future. It carries a snake on its mouth, which means it is a communicator of mother nature.

Stool is the carrier of traditional African culture, The African style furnishings are derived from the basic nature, these inspiration comes from animals, trees and soil. to mention the Africa seat from realistic, figurative to semi-figurative, abstract expression, skill fully transform and use many forms. According to historical records, most of the African tribes and cultures have always believed that the real power comes from the human trees, rivers, powerful animals, stones and soil. Stools with simple and clear appearance, rigid coexist. African wood stool is made from a whole, mostly legs, tripod, a maximum of five feet: usually on the bench support frame carved human or animal shapes.

The animals become Africa's an important part of the ideology. Parts of the animal statue figure can be seen as a supplement, amend or used to represent the people of a particular expectation. Such as: In Cameroon of Bami people which the spider is a symbol of wisdom, and a symbol of speed and brave cheetah engraving on all stool.

Many tribal cultures in Africa, stool is extremely private objects. Therefore, everyone depend on their stools to treasure. Stool also turn in their power and a symbol of social status for the life. In some tribes, only the tribal leaders, worship, witch doctors, dignitaries and other people can have their own bench. reflect social status are not comfort, has long time occupied the people concept. Galen Cranzin his writing (The Chair) outlined the history of the chair, he mentioned, quite a long time, Explore the world, chairs and to sit the chairs has become a symbol. no matter East and West, though the meaning of the chairs are different, but have the same expressed their status and identity. Africa generally seat height about between in 8-30 cm, compared lower the current chairs height about 40-50 cm. This seat height and widely correspond within Africa squatting posture, which coincides reflects their life and work on the ground of the natural portrayal.

more in the pursuit of back to nature, respect for nature today, many modern furniture integration and African elements in it, Timber preserves the original scar end, residual edges and cracks in the treatment before they are coloring, so the original wood surface texture obviously, and make the simple texture adds original rustic features of beauty. seeking a balance in the conflict, natural atmosphere exudes simplicity, integration with the user's life. it make the room full of leisurely, relaxed, serene natural atmosphere.