『 From soil 』 44Gallery X Wu Peishan
Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When Tribal art meets Contemporary art.

Duration: 2017 7/8 - 2017 8/12

Opening Hours: Mon. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan

Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When Tribal art meets Contemporary art


  From soil  

44Gallery X Wu Peishan


 In 20 century, the great masters such as Picasso, Brancusi, Matisse... had a different  kind of characteristic in their creations due to the inspiration of tribal art.


 In my view, it's is quite uncomfortable with crowded urban landscape , buildings, narrow roads. I think that buildings are in addition to providing our living space , but also bring us visually invisible sense of oppression. This situation let me start to think what is the essence of architecture? How to improve the appearance of the building shape, without changing its function and oppressing people's vision? What is the good balance between man-made buildings and nature? The above questions are the main idea for my creation.

When I first noticed the new environment, it was a building connecting variety space to people. I think the appearance of the building should be more free and creative instead of a single standard and horizontal line.I use cave architecture as the main styling of creation, we also can see the characteristics of the cave building in the tribe, such as small doors and windows, the use of natural materials and so on.This exhibition is about architectural and natural organic modeling


44 Gallery

Established in 2007, 44 Gallery dedicates to popularize the tribal art and tries to find the connections with the contemporary art by different kinds of topics.Tribal Art is not common in Asia, but it has developed over hundred years in Europe and America.

Inspired by the exhibitionPARKETT–220 ARTISTS EDITIONS COLLABORATIONS SINCE1984 which is organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 44 Gallery starts to think over the chance of cooperating with artists.