『 Down the hill, before darkness 』44 GALLERY x Tseng Shang Jie
Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When African art meets Contemporary art

Duration: 2018 5/19 - 2018 6/30

Opening Hours: Mon. - Fri. 11:00 - 19:00
Sat. 13:00 - 19:00.
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan

Collaboration with Contemporary artists / When African art meets Contemporary art


  Down the hill, before darkness  

44 GALLERY x Tseng Shang Jie


In 20 century, the great masters such as Picasso, Brancusi, Matisse... had a different  kind of characteristic in their creations due to the inspiration of tribal art.

In 2018, Tseng Shang Jie, a contemporary artist expresses his feelings about the environment and his own mood with sculptures. In the studio in the mountains,

In the studio in the mountains, what kind of sparks are collided by his inspiration by nature and African art?


Tseng Shang Jie

After I graduated from institute in 2016, I moved the studio from Banqiao to the mountains of Sanxia. when I created works in the mountains that lonely feeling is more than when I was in school. In this experience, I deeply felt that it was different creative atmosphere from school. So I integrated the experience of this time and I wanted to use these elements to make some works, and "Down the hill, before darkness" is an exhibition under this background.

This exhibition will use stars, moons and dogs as elements. 44 GALLERY is a narrow and long space. I see this space as a mountain-like image. Trying to convey my sensory experience to the viewer.



We are looking for and sharing outstanding African art -

Inviting the artist Tseng Shang Jie, we are attracted to his prolonged and distorted expression elements in his works. Just like the unique beauty created in African art, we expect to see the spark of dialogue between the difference two.

Established in 2008, 44 Gallery dedicates to find the possibility of dialogues between African art and Contemporary art  .

44 Gallery was inspired by the exhibition
PARKETT–220 ARTISTS EDITIONS COLLABORATIONS SINCE1984 which was organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2013, and we tried to think of combining African art and contemporary art in an exhibition. African art is not common in Asia, however it has been inspired many artists like Pablo Picasso, Constantin Brancusi, Henri Matisse...and so on since 20th century in Europe and America.​
Therefore, we hoped that new vocabularies and visual dialogues will be created by combining contemporary art and African art.