The Exhibition Of African Tribal Art
Duration: 2017.1.21 (Sat.) - 2017.2.25(Sat.)
Opening Hours: Sun. - Sat. 11:00 - 19:00
202 Sec 1. Chien- Kuo South Road. Taipei.106. Taiwan

The Exhibition Of African Tribal Art

1.21 (Sat.) - 2.25 (Sat.)



There are various works in this "The Exhibition Of African Tribal Art"

such as the mask - beyond the visual imagination / the statue - power of protection / the metal - symbolization of the wealth / the chair - a part of life. Independent items bring - the imagination of the form, the proportion of the structure and the meaning of the story etc. We felt temperature of cultural connotation behind the tribal works.


We look forward to seeing friends who like art enjoying different field by art, culture and aesthetic. In the beginning of the New Year apart from the dialogue with regional culture, art, the most important thing is enjoying the field of African tribal art.


Perhaps you can find a piece of work to symbolize your beginning in 2017!